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St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Faithfulness, Courage and Respect

What Our Parents Say

We surveyed our parents in Y6 as their children left the school after spending seven years with us.

Here are a few of the things that they told us:

During your child’s time at St John’s, what has made you most proud?

·         The friends they have made

·         I am proud of the kind hearted young lady she has become.

·         The manners, discipline, principled behaviour, respect to other children and teachers

·         How he’s grown into a young adult

·         That the school have played a part in supporting him to become a confident, well mannered, kind, fun young man who doesn’t mind going to school

·         Getting positive feedback from teachers and reports as well as being told next learning steps.

·         What makes me proud is the way they taught my son to be well mannered, the way they taught my child and their way of communication with children.

·         I valued discipline and a high level of teaching, and nice teachers.

·         We are very proud when she received the Canon Maguire special award.

·         How she has grown into a strong young lady. School have supported her in educational and emotional needs

·         How he has enjoyed going to school the whole time and his achievements personally and academically and having a fantastic group of friends.

How has the school developed your child as a learner?

·         I think she has made good progress in most areas.

·         He has started to be more independent, research for the answers, think outside the box and learn on examples and experiments not just the theory.

·         I never thought he would be doing what he is, more one to ones with teachers have helped.

·         He has never once complained about going to school, throughout the years all staff have supported him to learn, to recognise his strengths and particularly helped him feel confident.

·         I believe that he is now ready to continue his further education in high school.

·         She believes in hard work and never to give up when things fail.

·         The patience they have had in subjects like maths has really helped her improve under her own steam

·         They have always been there to support and guide him in the best way to suit his ability.

How would you rate the quality of education for your child in their time at St John's?

·         Overall 4.4 out of 5

How would you rate the quality of care for your child in their time at St John's?

·         Overall 4.8 out of 5

How has the school supported your child as a person?

·         The school tutors and mentors were always available for a chat, teachers understood children's individual needs and circumstances and made the pupils feel like a valuable part of the community, they always listened to children's thoughts and considered their opinions.

·         All round support. - Emotional in times of illness, spiritual support through the sacraments.

·         They gave confidence when my child did not have it and they always gave good tips.

·         She became a very confident child but most importantly caring and helpful to others.

·         The staff are amazing, teachers and support staff equally.

What do you think are the particular strengths as a school?

·         Very strong teachers who are very dedicated in their work. They are clearly highly skilled.

·         Values like respect, relatively small community and focus on the individual child

·         The size of the school enables both staff and children to build strong relationships, kindness, caring and good links with the church. This underpins the ethos of the learning environment. I have always found the staff responsive to any concerns I have had, they have supported my child to grow in confidence from early year settings into year 6. 

·         Wide variety of activities. Whilst keeping the church as the heart of the school, excellent sports opportunities. Events with others in Academy trust. Mini vinnies activities with the local community.  A lovely community feel to the school.

·         Keeping parents informed as well allowing parents to have a voice.

·         Their strong sides are their rules and they have a fun and interesting way of teaching students.

·         It is the teaching staff and leadership team.

·         Sense of family within the school, approachable staff

·         Safety and security.

Any other comments?

·         Keep up the good work

·         I just want to say a massive thank you to every member staff throughout the years that have created loving, kind and supportive environments for both of my children to begin their journey in education. I read a quote which I think speaks volumes, “a good teacher's imprint never leaves a child” I went to St John’s as a child and I can still name the teachers who made a positive impact on my childhood memories of school, I look back and remember the time spent laughing, playing and building friendships that have stayed with me to this day and that’s all I can hope for my children. THANKYOU - and Thank you for going above and beyond to try and make their last week at school fun and mark them leaving.

·         We are very happy that our child could attend this school from the beginning he came here.

·         Thank you so much for looking after my son and I wish you all the best in the future xx Thanks

·         We have chosen St. John's and we certainly made the right decision. You are all fabulous! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Keep it up.

·         Both my children went to this school, both have achieved so far and hopefully will continue to do so to the very best of their ability and this is a big thanks to the school playing such a big part in my children's lives.