St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, Beckbridge Lane, Normanton, WF6 2HZ

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St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Faithfulness, Courage and Respect

School Uniform

At St John’s part of our identity is our school uniform and we pride ourselves in this. Therefore, I urge parents, to ensure that children are sent to school wearing the correct uniform.

GIRLS: Grey pinafore or skirt, grey tailored trousers, white shirt or blouse, navy knitted cotton cardigan or jumper with school logo, school tie, indoor black pumps, sensible black shoes. Summer – Blue and white checked dresses with white socks.

BOYS: Grey tailored trousers, white shirt, navy knitted cotton jumper with school logo, school tie, indoor black pumps and sensible black shoes. Summer – Grey shorts.

All clothing, shoes, bags etc. must be labelled with your child’s name. Please check regularly.

Labelled items are returned to the child as soon as they are found. Any unlabelled lost property is held in the school office until the next lost property display. These displays of lost property are held every half term and are advertised to parents to enable them to come along and view. All unclaimed items are then disposed of to charity.

The wearing of earrings, rings or any other item of jewellery (except for watches) is very strongly discouraged in accordance with Health and Safety regulations and Education Authority guidance. Children wearing earrings may not be allowed to participate in P.E. and may not be allowed to go out to play if it is judged that they pose a hazard to themselves or to other children in active physical situations. They will be asked to cover the studs with a plaster during active sessions. Staff are not allowed to either remove or insert earrings, or to apply plasters to children’s ears.

The piercing of ears for primary age children is very strongly discouraged. Children with pierced ears may wear plain studs but will be subject to the school rules above.

Children are expected to keep their hair clean and sensibly styled. Exceptional haircuts /shaved / unusual styling may not meet with the approval of the Academy Council. It is recommended that long hair is tied back especially for PE sessions.


Parents often donate good quality uniform to school which their children no longer need. If you would like to access these items please contact the school office who will be able to make this available. We will also make these items available at parent events in school.