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Year 2

A message to my lovely Year 2s...

Sent with big hugs from Mrs Tonks

Please see the home learning links, spellings and documents for Year 2 below.

Thank you for all your wonderful photos. It is lovely to see how busy you have been...Keep up the great work!

Please ensure all photos are sent via our school twitter feed and any urgent email messages are sent to the main school office email address: Thank you.

Year 2 Home Learning Tasks

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BBC Bitesize

Daily lessons are now on TV every day. Watch at 9am on the channel numbers below or through the red button.

You can catch up  on iPlayer - just search 'bitesize daily' and select the Y2 programme. Try to watch every day at 9am if you can - you don't need a smartphone or computer.

If you can access the internet, daily activities are also online at BBC Bitesize follow the link below to access daily lessons covering all subjects of the KS1 National Curriculum: 

Summer term topic ideas

Daily Maths Problem Solving Challenges

White Rose Maths Hub have created a daily Maths Lesson with a video and work for children to complete: 

Times tables 


Practise your times tables every day. Don't forget to use your TTRockstars logon and ask an adult to test you.

Reading - Online books, levelled to your child

You can access free levelled reading and comprehension activities online through: 

Login using your child's full name, no capital or spaces eg Gary Barlow - garybarlow

Password: stjohns

School code: wpgs

Reading  - Oxford Owls Free E-books

Access free e-books linked to our reading scheme. You will need these logon details - 

Click on 'My Class Login'                                                                                                               

Username: year1/2sjb

Password: 122020

Phonics mats to support your phonics at home

Phonics Teaching - Below is my suggestion for a home lesson of phonics.
First: Use these Powerpoints below to check your child knows all the Phase 3 and Phase 5 phonemes. 

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Second: Once you've gone through both the powerpoints.
Log into central espresso: 
Username: student31169
Password: stjohn

Click the 'Key Stage 1' tab and then the 'Phonics' option under 'quick links'. Choose a Phase to focus on and then select a phoneme for example: Phase 3, 'ai' phoneme (chose a different sound each day).

Next: Let your child watch the video for the chosen sound and let them play some of the interactive games to consolidate learning.

Finally: Once your child is secure with the sounds get a paper and pencil to practise spelling words and sentences with this sound in it.
For example: rain, snail, rail, pain, chain, sail etc. And lastly move on to sentences with the sound in, for example: 'The sail on the boat was blue'.

Also remember to utilise Alphablocks Phonics resources which are on Youtube to make phonics fun! Here is the hyperlink: 

Completing activities like this daily should help your child with their phonics!

Here is a youtube link to help you with phonics. There will be one sound per day posted here:  

DfE Phonics.

Starting Monday 27th April, the DfE are publishing daily phonics lessons for Late Foundation and Year 1 children daily via a YouTube channel:

These lessons would be great if your child struggles with phonics and spelling or would be useful as consolidation work for Year 2 children. Give them a try...see what you think!

Here are the key words for reading and spelling

Handwriting advice

Try to ensure your child maintains their handwriting practice. Here is a link to a good website that will support you in this: 

In Year 2 we use the 'continuous cursive font' which is choice 3, see picture below. This page will enable you to play a video clip of each letter and print a worksheet if you wish. If you do not have a printer just practice on lined paper if you can.


Daily from Monday 27th April, 11am - Singing with Miss Kitson

Miss Kitson and other staff from the Diocese Singing Programme are doing daily singing sessions for KS1 on YouTube. Join in here at 11am

Here is a link to a lovely weekly music activity you may want to try... 

Watch the videos to 


listen to the music and find out what to do. If you ask your grown ups you can even upload your work to the site. 

There are many other websites which could enhance your child’s learning. Why not give these a try:

Please ensure you logon to these websites with your child under supervision. I have checked each website but websites can change regularly so you must ensure all content is suitable and appropriate.


To logon to Discovery Espresso or Discovery Coding, go to: 
Username: student31169
Password: stjohn


For those who would like to support some home learning in religious education, The Way, the Truth and the Life website will have materials for all year groups under the tab ‘Support Material’ online for next week.

RE Today are providing some free resources for all during this period. There is work on Easter, among other topics.

You can access the link at:

Maths Brilliant daily lessons with a video for teaching and a worksheet each day. 

English online reading books Free phonics activities username: march20 password: home




Year 2 Timetable 

Below is our USUAL class timetable. Clearly our current situation is far from usual and I do NOT expect anyone to follow this timetable to the letter. I have shared it here to support those of you who are not sure what we usually cover throughout the week.

My advice as your child's teacher is to complete the following activities IF YOU CAN. If you are still working, I understand YOU CAN ONLY DO YOUR BEST. Please do not worry if there are days when your child will not or cannot complete the work due to other circumstances. We all understand how stressful our current situation is and I would much prefer your child to be learning through play/exploration HAPPILY with you or a carer in the first instance. 

Suggested layout of the day at home:

  • PE with Joe on 9am to wake you up and get you started!
  • up to 1/2 hour - Phonics/spelling activities linked to the spellings for the week or using online platforms such as phonicsplay/twinkl. (Remember to still do their spelling test on a Friday to help with their routine)
  • 1/2 hour- English activity - this should be a mix of reading together/alone and/or writing using the activities given.
  • 10 mins - joined handwriting practice.
  • Break - play in the garden.
  • 1/2 hour - Maths using Power Maths book, 1 lesson per day. Then online games (see ideas above)
  • Lunch, play out
  • up to 1 hour RE/art/creative/making something/online or written activities - let your child choose.
  • End the 'school day' with a story/drawing/board game/cosmic yoga/quiet time with your child, talking to them and reassuring them if necessary.
  • Please ensure your child plays out in the garden AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Our mental health and well being is much more important than any school work right now.
  • Please praise any work they attempt or complete.

Please reassure your child that I am thinking of them every day and praying that we are all back at school safely very soon.

I have added our class photo below which is now the screensaver on my laptop. It makes me smile every time I logon to work. I hope it makes you smile too!

More COOL things to do at home...

Welcome to Year 2 at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School.

Meet the Year 2 team

Mrs Tonks: Class Teacher

Mrs Cole: Classroom Assistant (mornings)

Mrs Chapman: Support Assistant 

In Year 2 we encourage children to begin to apply all their fabulous early years learning and build upon their growing skill set. We celebrate the children's achievements and encourage a love of learning! Each half term we focus on a particular topic and use a cross-curricular approach to engage and enthuse the children. Our topics for this academic year are:  London and the Queen, Famous People, Castles, Africa, The Seaside and Me and My World. 

The children are taught Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Phonics, Science, History, Geography, Computing, Music, Art, Design Technology and Physical Education. We also take part in a weekly singing lesson with Miss Kitson.

Our two School Council Representatives are chosen by the children each year and take our ideas and share them with the rest of the School Council. We also have Class Ambassadors, Eco Councillors, Sports Councillors and many other important child-led roles which enable the children to feel valued and important.

We have lots of fun in Year 2 and there are many opportunities for children to consolidate their learning through taking part in activities such as extra-curricular visits and workshops throughout the year. We enjoy taking part in singing lessons with Miss Kitson and proudly show off our singing talents in numerous performances!

We hope the information on this page gives you a ‘window’ into life in Year 2. Our door is always open if you would like to visit!

Important information

Homework – handed out on a Friday, to be handed in by Wednesday.

Spellings – handed out at the beginning of each half term. Spelling tests are on a Friday.

Times tables – tests will be on a Friday. The test for the week is listed on the spelling sheet also.

PE days vary throughout the year depending on the planned provision. Please send PE kits to school every Monday. They will be returned at the end of the week for washing.


Year 2 Information Booklet

Summer Newsletter


Here are the spellings for each group:




Fun times in Year 2!

Year 2 have received their letter from Her Majesty the Queen!

Information for parents and carers

Parent Information Evenings

How to support your child with reading

Here is a list of useful apps, suitable for children in KS1

St John's KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts)

Year 2 Mathematics:

Some suggestions of some maths skills to practise at home with your child as we journey through the year.  

KS1 Grammar terminology for parents

Here are the slides from the Year 2 Writing information session

Converting document.

Year 2 Reading, Writing & Maths Targets