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Year 1

Home Learning Support 

Below I have added some documents which may be useful to Year 1 parents/carers during school closures. 

Thank you for all your wonderful photos. It is lovely to see how busy you have been...Keep up the great work!
Please ensure all photos are sent via our school twitter feed and any urgent email messages are sent to the main school office email address: Thank you.

Year 1 Home Learning Packs

 Home Learning
 Home Learning KS1 Week 1.pdfDownload
 Home Learning KS1 Week 2.pdfDownload
 Home Learning KS1 Week 3.pdfDownload
 Home Learning KS1 Week 4.pdfDownload
 Home Learning KS1 Week 5.pdfDownload
 Home learning KS1 Week 6.pdfDownload
 Summer Term Home Learning Ideas.pdfDownload
 Year 1Home Learning Tasks.pdfDownload
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BBC Bitesize:

BBC Bitesize have put together some 'daily lessons' which are available each day at home! 

Follow this website link: 

Then click ‘Start a lesson’ and then select Year 1.

It will then take you to a page with all the lessons for Year 1 the week. 



White Rose Maths Hub have created a daily Maths Lesson with a video and work for children to complete:


Oxford Owls

Access free e-books linked to our reading scheme. You will need these logon details - 

Click on 'My Class Login'

Username: year1/2sjb
Password: 122020


Educational TV Shows: 

Click here for some brilliant youtube Phonic lessons from Mr Mc!

BBC Number Blocks available on iplayer:

Phonics BBC Alphablocks Videos available on Youtube:

BBC Alphablocks available on iplayer:

Newsround available on iplayer:

Websites to help! Click the pictures below to enlarge.


For those who would like to support some home learning in religious education, The Way, the Truth and the Life website will have materials for all year groups under the tab ‘Support Material’ online for next week.

RE Today are providing some free resources for all during this period. There is work on Easter, among other topics. You can access the link at:


English online reading books Free phonics activities username: march20 password: home




Suggestions for a day at home - don't worry if you don't get all of these done. 

  • PE with Joe Wicks on 9am to wake you up and get you started!
  • Up to 1/2 hour - Phonics/Spelling activities linked to the spellings for the week or using online platforms such as phonicsplay/twinkl. 
  • 45 mins- English activity - this should be a mix of reading together/alone and/or writing using the activities given.
  • 10 mins - Handwriting practice.
  • Break - Play in the garden.
  • 1/2 hour- 45 mins - Maths using Power Maths book, 1 lesson per day. Then online games (see ideas above)
  • Lunch - Play outside
  • Up to 1 hour RE/art/creative/making something/online or written work around our topic: Space.
  • End the 'school day' with a story/drawing/board game/Cosmic Yoga/quiet time with your child, talking to them and reassuring them if necessary.


Feel free to tag us in any work your child completes on twitter: @SJBNormanton

Phonics Planning 

If you are wanting to continue teaching your child phonics, here are some really useful phonics planning sheets which help you plan and structure your sessions. 

 Phase 3 Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5a Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5b Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5c Planning.pdfDownload
 Phase 5d Planning.pdfDownload
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Phonics Teaching - Below is my suggestion for a home lesson of phonics. 

First: Use these Powerpoints below to check your child knows all the Phase 3 and Phase 5 phonemes. 

 Phase 3 Powerpoint Phonemes.pptDownload
 Phase 5 Powerpoint Phonemes.pptDownload
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Second: Once you've gone through both the powerpoints.

Log into central espresso:

Username: student31169

Password: stjohn


Click the 'Key Stage 1' tab and then the 'Phonics' option under 'quick links'. Choose a Phase to focus on and then select a phoneme for example: Phase 3, 'ai' phoneme (chose a different sound each day)


Next:  Let your child watch the video for the chosen sound and let them play some of the interactive games to consolidate learning. 


Finally: Once your child is secure with the sounds get a paper and pencil to practise spelling words and sentences with this sound in it.

For example: rain, snail, rail, pain, chain, sail etc.  And lastly move on to sentences with the sound in, for example: 'The sail on the boat was blue'. 

Also remember to utilise Alphablocks Phonics resources which are on Youtube to make phonics fun! Here is the hyperlink:

Completing activities like this daily should help your child with the phonics! 

Please use the phonics mats below to practise your phonics at home:

Phonics Screening Tests

If you'd like to assess your child's phonics knowledge, here are some old Phonics Screening tests. 

 Phonics Screening 2015.pdfDownload
 Phonics Screening 2016.pdfDownload
 Phonics Screening 2017.pdfDownload
 Phonics Screening 2018.pdfDownload
 Phonics Screening 2019.pdfDownload
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Keep practising your weekly spellings.

 Amber Spellings Y1 Autumn 1.pdfDownload
 Amber Spellings Y1 Autumn 2.pdfDownload
 Amber Spellings Y1 Spring 1.pdfDownload
 Amber Spellings Y1 Spring 2.pdfDownload
 Amber Spellings Y1 Summer 1.pdfDownload
 Amber Spellings Y1 Summer 2.pdfDownload
 Emeralds Spellings Y1 Autumn 1.pdfDownload
 Emeralds Spellings Y1 Autumn 2.pdfDownload
 Emeralds Spellings Y1 Spring 1.pdfDownload
 Emeralds Spellings Y1 Spring 2.pdfDownload
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Meet the Year One team:

Miss James: Class Teacher & Key Stage One Leader

Mrs Weeks: Support Assistant 


Year 1 is the first year of Key Stage 1. This marks an important transition for children as they get used to new ways of working, beginning to move away from learning through play and establishing routines and independent learning.

Religious Education

We follow a scheme called 'The Way, The Truth and The Life'. Currently discussing and learning all about ‘Following Jesus'.

Physical Education

Please make sure you have your indoor and outdoor P.E. kit in school every day. Take it home on Friday for washing!

Outdoor kit includes, trainers, socks, joggers, hoodie or tracksuit.


Keep reading to find out more about Year One and to see what we have been up to lately! 

 Website Links

In Year One we use lots of fantastic websites, here is a selection of my favourites for you to access at home:

Top Marks:

Phonics Play:

Important Dates

Keep an eye on the weekly school newsletter for further dates.

Class Newsletters

 Y1 Newsletter Autumn 1.pdfDownload
 Y1 Newsletter Autumn 2.pdfDownload
 Y1 Newsletter Spring 1.pdfDownload
 Y1 Newsletter Spring 2 docx.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 2nd October - Percy the Park Keeper came to visit!

Friday 15th November - Our trip to The Deep!