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Welcome to the Early Foundation (Nursery Class)

The Children exploring the areas...

Our Topic this half term... A HOY! (Seaside/Pirates)

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Our Foundation Stage Unit is split into two classes, Early and Late Foundation. We work collaboratively as a unit to plan and deliver a wide range of experiences through our continuous provision.

Throughout their time in the unit children work progressively through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The learning and development of each individual child, throughout the Nursery and Reception years, nurtures the development of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that children will need if they are to achieve the Early Learning Goals. Our aim is to tailor the education of each child, by looking at their next steps of development, through both the prime and specific areas of learning.

The three prime areas are

Communication and language - Speaking, Listening, attention and understanding
Physical Development - Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills
Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Self regulation,
Managing self and Building relationships

The four specific areas are:
Literacy - Comprehension, Word reading and Writing
Mathematics - Number, Numberical patterns, Shape & maths language
Understanding the World - Past &present, People Culture & communities and The Natural World
Expressive arts and design - Creating with material Being Imaginative

During these formative years, the progress of each child is closely monitored and through careful planning, observation and assessment, the next steps for their learning and development are continually identified and encouraged to enable each child to fulfil their potential.

We also follow our school RE scheme, "The Way, The Truth and the Life" in which children learn about and explore the Christian faith. It also gives opportunities for children to learn about other major world faiths.
Our work across the curriculum is built around topic areas which change each term.

Within each topic we have both 'Adult Directed Learning Tasks' and those which are based upon 'Child Initiated Learning'.

As a Foundation Stage Team we aim to provide our children with an active, fun filled, exciting learning experience which will lay the foundations for the children's future.

Our Nursery offers 15 hour and 30 hour places. Our classroom is a print rich environment with bright and colourful work displayed to enhance the children’s learning.

Our class is light and colourful, providing a welcoming and nurturing environment.

The Early Years offer continuous provision in all the areas of learning to enable our children to thrive, explore and develop with a good balance of child and adult initiated learning opportunities. The teaching and learning is carefully planned to stimulate children’s development. Children follow a programme designed to help them achieve the Early Years Foundation Principles. We believe that children learn best from practical experience, both inside and outside the classroom, and we make use of our outdoor provision areas.

Meet the staff in Nursery 

 Early Foundation (Nursery)

Miss Brennan - Early Foundation Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Robinson - Nursery Nurse (Wednesday)

Mrs Coney -  Teaching Assistant  in Early Foundation (Mornings)

Mrs Hill - Teaching Assistant in Early Foundation (Afternoons)

Mrs Crossley - Teaching Assistant in Early Foundation (Monday Afternoon) 

Important Dates 

Keep an eye on the weekly school newsletter for further dates


The Way, The Truth and The Life

EYFS - Nursery Syllabus for Religious Education

Useful web links for Phonics and Literacy 

Phonics BBC Alphablocks Videos available on Youtube:


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